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Steps to enable mgpumon


Steps to enable mgpumon for your multi-rig farm.

1) for every rig you want to have report status (a.k.a. REPORTER):
    In your /etc/bamt/bamt.conf file:
        add/edit the "do_direct_status" line and point it to the host you want to receive the data.  (a.k.a. LISTENER)
            example:     do_direct_status:

    Note:  The LISTENER already has the ability to receive its own data, so there is no need to add the "do_direct_status" line.  
              But it can't hurt if you do.

2) on your LISTENER rig:
    In your /etc/bamt/bamt.conf file:
        add/edit the "do_mgpumon" line to enable the LISTENER.
            example:     do_mgpumon: 1

3) reboot your LISTENER or start mgpupmon:
    a) reboot
            example: sudo coldreboot

    b) start mgpumon
            example:  sudo screen -Samd mgpumon mgpumon /etc/bamt/mgpumon.conf

4) Log in to your LISTENER's mgpumon to view status
        example: http://localhost/mgpumon/  

    Note: That last slash is important.  Don't forget her.  (slashes are female, back-slashes are male, BTW)

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